Maraton Country en Renegade (11/01/14)

Lista de bailes

1Go Cat Go
2Something In The Water
3Sunday Driver
4Rose Garden
6All Shook Up
7This & That
8I'M Given Up
10Two Boys
11Cheek To Cheek
12Irish Stew
13White Rose
14Wish You
15Buffalo Road
16Islands In The Stream
17Chu Chu Train
18If I Was A Single Man
19My Dear Juliet
20Two By Two
21Black Train
22Help Me
23Country As Can Be
26Just You & Me
27Don'T Ask
28Jacket Joe
29On The Rocks
30The Lucky One
31San Lucas
32Crazy People
33Knee Deep
34Thanks To You
35Bridges To Your Heart
36The Final Test
38Pitter Patter
39Whiskey'S Gone
40Less Travelled
41Life'S Highway
42Rock Around The Clock
43Dance Again
44Jamaican Run
45Happy With You
46Taxi Driver Cowboy
47Casino'S Night
48No Frost
49The Wind Drives You
50Chill Factor

   11 de enero
   18:30 - 21:30
   23:00 - 02:00
   C/ Mendez Nuñez 37
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