Maratón en Renegade - Mataró - tarde (06/07/13)

Lista de bailes

1I Might
2White Rose
3This & That
4Where I Belong
5Ain't Givin' Up
6Cheek to Cheek
7ON the rocks
8Jamaican Rum
9Hold ON
11Hoochie Coochie
1224 x 24
13Sugar Talk
14Rose Garden
15Wish YOU
16Cut a Rug
17Just a Minute
18What about Now
19Something in the water
20Rythm of the road
21San Lucas
22Baby likes to rock it
23Go cat Go
25Lindi Shuffle
26Texas Valley
27You Better Run
28Knee Deep
29Two Boys
30Open Heart Cowboy

   6 de julio
   19:00 - 21:30
   23:00 - 03:00
   C/ Mendez Nuñez 37