Maratón en Renegade - Mataró - noche (04/05/13)

Lista de bailes

1Two by Two
2Big Ben
3Don't Be Wrong
424 x 24
5Country Strong
6Clickety Clak
7Knee Deep
8Just Another (american)
9Lightning Polka
10Rose Garden
12South Direction
13Where I belong
14Two Step
15You mean to me
16Cheek to Cheek
17Jamaican Rum
18My dear Juliet
19Life's Highway
20White Rose
21Baby likes to rock it
22Sweet Goodbye
23Sweets & Wilds
24No Frost
25You Get it
26Stop Crying
27It's gonna be ok
28For Neige
29Tush Push
30Foot Boogie
31You better run
32Kerosene Lane
33Islands in the stream
34Urban Cowboy
35Goodbye California
36Number 34
37Baby Blues
38Bridges to your heart
39Take a breather
40Lost in Me
42American Dream
43Don't Ask
44Just a minute
45Texas Hero
46Little Redneck
47All week long
48Crazy little Thing
50Two Step

   4 de mayo
   19:00 - 21:30
   23:00 - 03:00
Donde:    Renegade
   C/ Mendez Nuñez 37