Country y LD en Blanes (23/03/13)

Lista de bailes

1Cowboy charleston
2Simply rock
3yipee yi yo
4Quijote cowboy
5go cat go
6On the rocks
7Texas stomp
8black velvet
9My dear Juliet
10Nomes per tu
11ghost train
13cut a rug
14two boys
15four corners
16hey good looking
17where I belong
18baby blues
19A rainy night
20this & that
21heartbreak express
22Margarita cha
23baby come back to me
24stroll along cha cha
25goodbye california
26lindie shuffle
27verdi west
28Texas hero
29open doors
30country as can be
31from moll to bourbon
32the dancer
33A maman a marie
34Irish stew
35J. walk
37eating right, drinking bad
39too much
40San lucas
41California boy
42Jamaica run
43slap & stomp
44pot of gold
45the wind drives you
46friday yet
47start living
48truck a truck
49socks and diapers
50Live, laught, love
51big ben
52the flute
55Chill factor

   23 de marzo
   21:00 - 01:00
   Espai Morralla