Country en Sidamon - Lleida (18/01/13)

Lista de bailes

1Electric Slide
2Slap & Stomp
3Queen of hearts
4My new life
5Boogie cowboy
6Day dreamer
7Truck a truck
8I'm no good
9Good friends, good times
10It Happens
11Eagle Texas
12Easy Going
13Be Strong
14Tennesse waltz surprise
16Green Grass
17Country Strong
18Two boys
19Friday Yet
20Western barn cha
21Too Much
22This & That
23Drivin' Texas
24Country as can be
25WhiskeyĆ¢€™s Gone
28Go cat go
29No Frost
30Eating right drinking bad
31Open heart cowboy
32Quijote cowboy
33Goodbye California
34For Neige
35Just Another (american)
36Don't Ask
37Another dream
38Where I belong
39Something in the water
40Jamaican run

   18 de enero
   22:00 horas

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