Country solidario en Diagonal Mar (15/12/12)

Lista de bailes

1Country as can be
3This & That
4Cowboy Charleston
5Gotta keep praying
6Boogie cowboy
7Where I belong
8Baby blues
10Help me
11Eating right, drinking bad
12White Rose
13Go cat go
14Roll Over
15All shook up
16Goodbye California
17Sheriff on fire
18Rose Garden
19Sunday driver
20You better run
21Pitter Patter
22Verdi West
23Foot boogie
25Electric slide
26Friday yet
27Cut a rug
28San Lucas
29My dear Juliet
30Two boys
31Jamaica run
32Good blessed Texas
33Rock around the clock
34Don't ask
35Cotton eyed joe
36Pepu's Garden
37Dancing in the dark
38Speak to the sky
39Two by two
40Love is better
41Irish Stew
42Truck a truck
43Slap & stomp
44Long, long way
45Easy going
46Buffalo Road
47Knee deep
48Ain't givin' up
49Cheek to cheek
50Thanks a lot

   15 de diciembre
   11:00 a 14:00

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