Country en Sidamon - Lleida (14/12/12)

Lista de bailes

1Electric Slide
2Sunday driver
3Country Gold
4Come dance with me
5Simply rock
6Gotta Keep Praying
7Hearts & Flowers
8Lover's Hideaway
9Badda boom badda bang
10J. World
11Cheek to cheek
12Open heart cowboy
13Play it again, Sam
14Black Velvet
15Run run away
16Friday yet
17Stich it up
18Boogie Cowboy
19Falling in love
20Whiskey's Gone
21Summer Fly
22Two by two
25Burning love
26Two Boys
27Goodbye California
28Texas Valley
29Eagle Texas
30What's up
31Yippee yi you
32This & that
33Gran Casino
34No Never
35Eating right, drinking bad
36Get it right
37Where I Belong
39Quijote cowboy
40Jamaican run

   14 de diciembre
   22:00 horas

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