Country en Sidamon - Lleida (19/10/12)

Lista de bailes

1Electric Slide
2On the Rocks
3Eagle Texas
4Green Grass
5Slap & Stomp
6Cheek to Cheek
7Irish Stew
8Just Another (American)
9Country as can be
11Ain't givin' up
12Chill Factor
13Eating Right Drinking bad
14Get it right
15Simply rock
16Truck a Truck
17Go cat go
19Magic Moon
20Rockabilly rebel
21Sunday driver
22Isle of Paradise
23Heart and flowers
24Don't Ask
25Western Barn dance
26Queen of hearts
27Good friends, good times
28Boogie cowboy
29Behind the Clouds
30Open heart cowboy
31Sugar and Pai
32Three walls
33Back Track
34Burning love
35Little Redneck
36Islands in the stream
37J. World
39Walking on life
40Jamaican Run

   19 de octubre
   22:00 horas

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