Country en Sentmenat (01/09/12)

Lista de bailes

1Electric Slide
3Baby blues
4Chew chew Spit
5Texas Hero
6Country as can be
7Cheek to cheek
9Mini country man
10Hey good looking
11Where i belong
12San Lucas
13Badda-boom! Badda-bang!
14Get it right
15Lindi Shuffle
17The country queen
18White rose
19Quarter after one
21Thank you folks
22Clickety clack
23Knee deep
24Sorry dear
25Open Heart Cowboy
26Something in the water
27Don't Ask
29Two boys
30cowboy charleston
31For Neige
32This & that
33Islands in the stream
34Just a Kiss
35All shook up
37Truck a Truck
38Burning love
39Gotta keep praying
40The flute
41I'm given up
42Silver Threads
43Foolish Heart
44Stone in the river
45Chill factor
46Bandido's last ride
48Beethoven's boogie
49Precious Time
50When I cry
51Just you & me
52King of the road
53Bass boat girl
54Some fun 3d
55Slap & stomp
56Cannibal stomp