Country en Bescano - Girona (08/07/11)

Lista de bailes

1Hello Dolly
2Stitch it up
3D. L. D.
4Askin' questions
5Cut a rug
6My Maria
7Foolish heart
8Easy come, easy go
9One step forward
10Topsy turvy
11Sunday driver
12Not fair
14Speak to the sky
15Picnic polka
16Celtic C. T.
17Room service
18Quijote cowboy
19Rose garden
21When I cry
22Rockabilly rebel
23Rock around the clock
24Thi piper
25I'm no good
26Cumbia semana
27Gotta keep praying
28Country must (ard)
291000 years (or more)
31Jamaican run
32California blue
33Cowboy boogie
34Quarter after one
35Blue night cha
36Chill factor
38Knee deep
39Baile nuevo
40Baile nuevo
41Irish stew
42S. B. S.
43South of Santa Fe
44Pitter patter
45Live, laugh, love
46The gambler
47C. C. S.
48Tennessee waltz surprise
49Zjozzy's funk
50This & that
51Now or never
52Two by two
53Make my day
54A walk on the wild side
55Cook chick
56Isle of paradise
57Alamo boom
58Bobbi with an I
59Where I belong
60B. C. O.
61D. H. S. S.
62Walking in the rain