Country en Diagonal Mar (29/05/11)

Lista de bailes

1Boogie Cowboy
2Pitter patter
4White Rose
5Clickety Clack
6Country as can be
7Burning love
8Quijote cowboy
9All shook up
10Jack's cowboy
11Gotta keep praying
12Texas hero
14Bass boat girl
15Rose Garden
16Eating right, drinking bad
17It happens
18Long long way
19On the rocks
20Three walls
21Precious Time
22Life's highway
23Chill Factor
24Sunday driver
25Texas valley
26Palm square
27Motel time
29Hey good Looking
30San Lucas
3124 by 24
32Louisiana swing
33Bobbi with an I
34Sweets & wilds
36Cut a rug
37Knock Knock
38Magic moon
39Two by two
40Just another (american)
41Jamaican run
42This & that
43Mr policeman
44Cheek to cheek
45Where I belong
47Stop crying
48Help me
49Ain't givin' up
50Thanks a lot