Country en Bescano - Girona (01/05/11)

Lista de bailes

1Cowboy Charleston
2Cupid shuffle
3Mamma Maria
4Irish stew
5D. L. D.
6Jailhouse Creole
7Rock around the clock
91.000 years (or more)
10Zjozzy's funk
12My Maria
13When I cry
14Irish spirit
15One step forward
17Cut a rug
18Two by two
19Baile nuevo
20Cumbia semana
21On the rocks
22The country queen
23Chill factor
24Cooler than me
25Tango with the Sheriff
26Rose garden
27Walking in the rain
28A to B Angelina
29Louisiana swing
30Queen of hearts
31Go go stomp I peticions…!!
32White rose
33Vertical expression
34Sleep tonight
35Quarter after one
36Lindy shuffle
37South of Santa Fe
38San Lucas
39Little rhumba
40B. C. O.
41Askin' questions
42Just a minute
43This & that
44The gambler
45Bubble gum cowboy
46Tennessee waltz surprise
47Knee deep
48Mambo tequila
49Jamaican run
50S. B. S.
51The piper
53Pot of gold
54Vertical expression
55It happens
56Make me sweat
58A walk on the wild side
59Cool chick
60Not fair