Country en Bescano - Girona (08/12)

Lista de bailes

1The cucaracha
2Sag, drag & fall
3Poker face
4Tango with the sheriff
5One step forward
7Chill factor
8My Maria
9Country as can be
10Just a minute
11All shook up
12A to B Angelina
131000 years (or more)
14This & That
15Leaving of Liverpool
1624 by 24
17Easy come, easy go
18Clickety clack
19Palm square
20Beginner's beguine
21White rose
22Two by two
23Alamo boom
24Sunday driver
26Chica boom boom
28Walking in the rain
29Where I belong
30Zjozzy's funk
31Stop crying
32Bridges to my heart
33Cowboy charleston
34Take a breather
36Under the sun
38Bubble gum cowboy
39Rose garden
40Cook chick
41Magic moon
42Motel time
43Now or never
44Cut a rug
45Jamaican run
46D. L. D.
47Three walls
49It happens
50Cumbia semana
52This is Amy
53No klaws
54Bobbi with an I
55Foolish heart
56S. B. S.
57Topsy turvy
59Side by side
60Little rhumba
61Louisiana swing
62Tush push
63Celtic CT
64On the rocks
65San Lucas
66Jailhouse creole
67Just a kiss
68Isle of paradise
69Oh! Susana