Country en Sant Joan Despi (17/10)

Lista de bailes

2Vertical Expression
3Magic Moon
4On The Rocks
5Go Go Stomp
6Queen of Hearts
7Blue Rose Is
8Oh Susana!!!
11Hoochie Coochie
12Dolly Express
13Sunday Driver
14Eagle Texas
15Cowboy Charleston
16Stich it Up
17Quijote Cowboy
18Good Time
19Irish Stew
20Kill The Spiders
21Pitter Patter
22The Gift
231.000 Years or more
24San Lucas
25Behind The Clouds
26Rose Garden
27White Rose
28Jamaican Run
29Down on The Corner
30Chill Factor
31Black Velvet
32Smile Again
33Shakin' Mix
34No Quitter
36Islands in The Stream
37Hey Good Looking
38Sleep Tonight
39Simply Rock
40Tush Push
42Just a Minute
43Overnight Heartache
44Ain't Givin' Up