Country en Cafe Noir - BCN (13/06)

Lista de bailes

2Rose Garden
3Motel Time
4Blue Rose Is
5Jamaica Run
6Better Off
7Ohe! Ohe!
8Heartbreak Express
9You Belong With me
10Cut A Rug
11Pitter Patter
12Bass Boat Girl
14Love Is Free
16No Tomorrow
17Eagle Texas
18White Rose
19Precious Time
20The Picnic Polka
21Forever Little
22Overnight Heartache
23Dolly Express
24It Happens
25Love Song
26Pot Of Gold
27San Lucas
28Chu Chu Train
29Thanks A Lot
30Bridges To Your Heart
31La Cucaracha
328 & 1
33Not Fair
34Carretera 54
35Sugar And Pai
36Wrapped Around